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Project Management

Small and medium enterprises must necessarily focus their efforts on managing the day to day success of their businesses. When there is a need to undertake one-off activities requiring the gathering of information, development of actions, coordination of resources, implementation of agreed actions and reintegration back into ongoing operations, internal resources must be diverted to the detriment of the ongoing function of the business. Alternatively external Project Management skills can be engaged to manage the activity, allowing management to maintain their focus on business objectives.

Depending on the nature of such one-off activities, the benefits of external skills may be limited to one element of the activity, or alternatively to the entire activity.

Richard Hall & Associates have undertaken a wide range of project management activities. Some typical projects include:

The skills we bring to such projects include:

We work closeley along side our client's organisation so that where possible, without disrupting their ongoing business activities, we can use such internal resources as procurement, OHS and cost control. This provides a cost effective way to achieve a successful project outcome without the additional hidden costs involved in turnkey projects. It also provides an effective means of completing those activies where turnkey is neither feasible nor appropriate.

Where a client is unable to make internal resources available, we are able to supplement our own resources from our network of proven specialist associates.

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