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Manufacturing Facility Planning

The development of new facilites or the modification or expansion of existing facilities is a milestone in the life of any business organisation. It provides an opportunity to overcome the restrictions which develop as the organisation grows. It also provides an opportunity to be forward looking and maximise those opportunities which will open as a result.

Planning of new or improved facilities is a detailed and time consuming process which can only be undertaken with considerable input from line management. Apart from ensuring that a facility meets the organisation's present and future needs, there are other parameters which must be considered such as local government planning, environmental and utility requirements, the provision of internal services, etc. These aspects can have a significant impact on the final shape and configuration of the facility. They can also be exteremely time consuming, diverting management focus away from the day to day running of the business.

Richard Hall & Associates have undertaken a wide range of facility planning activites including:

The skills we are able to bring to facility planning include:

In undertaking facility planning, we work closely with our client's management, maximising their involvement in those aspects where their experience is crucial, whilst minimising the need for detailed involvement in issues peripheral to their experience. We are able to bring together this combination of clients' expertise and our knowledge and experience, so that planning can move forward whilst not disrupting their ongoing business activities.

With our many years of experience in industrial organisations we bring a particular skill to facility planning which is characterised by a practical approach to achieving project aims and an understanding of the need for adequate returns on capital investment.

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