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Solvent Batching

Image from this case study

The client purchased his high volume solvents in 200 litre drums. Batching was carried out by using a drum lifter to decant from the 200 litre drums into batching containers placed on a platform scale. This involved movement of drums from the flammable liquid store to the manufacturing floor. This accumulation caused congestion in the area of the platform scale. Handling of drums was time consuming.

Richard Hall & Associates analysed the materials handling, and cycle time aspects of the operation. As a result, solvent supply was switched from 200 litre drums to 1000 litre IBCs which were stored in specially built racks in the flammable liquid store. Pallet jacks fitted with intrinsically safe load cells and direct readouts were purchased. Decanting was then carried out in the flammable liquid store directly from the IBCs into the batching containers carried on pallet jacks. By taring off the readout, the mass of solvent decanted could be accurately controlled. The decanting station, being in a fixed location was fitted with a ventilation hood to remove flammable vapours.

This system eliminated a number of materials handling bottlenecks, eased congestion in an area of the plant, reduced decanting time, improved decanting accuracy as well as resulting in lower solvent supply costs.

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