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Manufacture of Aluminium Foil Products

One of the client's markets is the supply of aluminium foil to the catering industry. He operates a rolling mill producing foil in rolls of up to 1 tonne mass. These rolls are then converted to customer packs ranging in size from 100 to 500 metres. This conversion was carried out on several manually operated re-reeling lines. Each line was supervised by one operator who also assembled the individual and bulk cartons and packed the foil into them. These operations suffered an unacceptable occurrence rate of RSI, and several measures including regular exercise routines, had been implemented to reduce this rate.

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Richard Hall & Associates were engaged to prepare a feasibility study to automate this operation.

A survey of automatic re-reeling equipment was carried out, and suitable specifications were developed to enable accurate costs to be obtained. The design of packaging was reviewed to minimise its cost and facilitate its automatic assembly. Automated packing equipment and systems were surveyed and a specification prepared.

A layout of the proposed production cell was prepared and total establishment costs were estimated. Future production systems were modelled, and labour and overhead standards estimated. A financial study of the project was then carried out to assess its viability, and a comprehensive report submitted to the client.

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