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Improved Stocktaking

Image from this case study

The client operated a facility which utilised solvents stored in 12 underground tanks. Stock control of solvents was carried out by using dip sticks to gauge tank contents. Stocktakes were characterised by significant gains and losses. These variations were attributed to errors in reading the dip sticks and recording readings.

Richard Hall & Associates were engaged to investigate alternate cost effective methods of monitoring stock levels. Remote reading electronic gauging was considered, however the capital cost across the large number of tanks was prohibitive.

An alternate method was proposed whereby solvent deliveries to tanks would be passed through a large portable vane type flow meter. In this way deliveries could be monitored and running totals kept for comparison against dip stick results.

Principal difficulties to be overcome were prevention of over speeding of the meter at the end of a delivery, and removal of entrained air from the solvent stream before it passed through the meter.

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