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The client operated a factory, the majority of which was zoned as a hazardous area. Much of the equipment in this factory was pneumatically operated. Compressed air supply to the factory was generated by a screw compressor backed up by two piston compressors. For significant periods of a shift all compressors were running on full load, with frequent breakdown of the older units. This resulted in a non-availability of manufacturing stations. Proposals for new compressors had been submitted, however the client wanted independent advice as to the most suitable course of action.

Richard Hall & Associates were engaged to investigate the compressed air supply problems and recommend a solution.

Compressor operations were monitored over a period of time and the peak, average and off-peak air consumptions estimated. A suitable new compressor was recommended which proved smaller than those previously offered. This new compressor was sized and set up to handle all supply including peak load. The old screw compressor was set up to supplement the base load machine for future growth, whilst providing a maintenance back-up supply, and also being used as a smaller base load machine for the reduced demand of afternoon shift.

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