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Jet Engine Testing Facility

The client operates a facility for the maintenance of small jet engines. As part of a new maintenance contract he planned to establish a workshop for testing fuel system components using live jet fuel.

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Richard Hall & Associates were engaged to provide facility planning advice specifically related to the control of hazardous atmospheres and electrical certification of imported test rigs.

We worked alongside the architect and ventilation engineer in developing a compartmented building to segregate hazardous areas from unsuitable electrical equipment. Ventilation specifications were prepared to ensure that local ventilation of the test rigs together with general ventilation and air conditioning of the workshop, controlled the extent of hazardous atmospheres.

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We also managed the certification of imported test rigs to Australian requirements through the UK based certifying authority. This involved liaison with the certifying officer to ensure that the final documentation met all the requirements specified in relevant Australian Standards, and was suitable for incorporation in the Verification Dossier for the workshop.

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