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Building Maintenance

As a result of an insurance audit, the client was required to upgrade the fire protection of his building. In addition, because of the age of the systems, a fire safety certificate could not be issued for the building.

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The building was erected in the 1960's for use in textile manufacture. In the 1970's it was adapted to house the manufacture of paint. The extensive roof mounted structures from the previous use were left in place.

The roof was in a poor state of repair with many leaking areas, principally related to the roof mounted structures. It was lined with polyethylene foam which the insurer required removed because of its fire risk.

The sprinkler system was not suitable for the current building use, and the insurer required it to be upgraded.

Richard Hall & Associates were engaged to develop a program for replacement of the roof and upgrading of the sprinkler system to a stage where the client could undertake management of the physical works himself.

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Various alternatives for the roof and insulation replacment were considered. A solution was developed where the existing roof was left in place. The old insulation was removed from under it and a new suitable insulation blanket laid over it. The new roof was laid over the insulation and flashed round the rooftop structures. Quotations were obtained and a contractor selected. The client then managed the site works himself so that they did not interfere with his production schedules.

A fire protection consultant was engaged to prepare specifications for the upgrade of the fire sprinkler systems. Work method principles were developed for inclusion in the specification to allow for work in hazardous areas on the site. Quotations were obtained and a contractor appointed. The client then managed the site works himself, maximising out of hours and weekend work in order to maintain production with minimal disruption. Richard Hall & Associates then managed the acceptance and certification processes at the end of the project.

Before and during the sprinkler upgrade project, Richard Hall & Associates coordinated liaision between the local government authority and the client.

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