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Manufacture of Specialized Power Distribution Fittings

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The client was carrying out his manufacturing operation in a small facility unsuited to the requirements of his business. Future growth required that he relocated to a site large enough for his current operations but with adequate potential for future expansion.

Richard Hall & Associates was engaged to advise on the suitability of various existing sites which were being considered for purchase. This included reviewing the Local Government approval processes which would be required for each site.

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Once a suitable facility was selected and purchased, we then developed in consultation with the client's management, suitable equipment layouts for the factory. We then acted as project manager for the client. Structural upgrading of the building was undertaken to allow the installation of cranes. Services including power, LP gas, compressed air, reticulated welding gases were planned and installed. New equipment including cranes and hoists, welding fume extraction systems, and a furnace were specified, purchased and installed.

Finally the manufacturing equipment, including presses, guillotines, cropping lines, forging equipment and welding equipment were relocated in a staged program to enable production to be maintained over the relocation period.

During the initial months of operation on the new site we provided on-going technical support to the client.

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