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Manufacture of Screenprinting Inks

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The client's manufacturing operations were carried out on a site shared with another manufacturer whilst the warehouse and administration were located on a separate site, jointly occupied with a different ink distributor. The client decided to consolidate both parts of the operation on a new site under their own control.

A lead consultant was appointed to execute the project. Richard Hall & Associates was engaged by this consultant to undertake manufacturing and warehousing facility planning for the project, and to project manage the installation of services, relocation of manufacturing and warehousing facilities and start up of operations on the new site.

Our involvement in this project included development of the client's requirements for the facility, negotiation with WorkCover for likely Dangerous Goods issues, preparation of specifications and model proposals for use in seeking expressions of interest from developers.

Once a developer and suitable site were selected, we worked closely with the developer's architects, building consultants and builder to negotiate with authorities regarding approvals and licences, develop final building configuration, finalise warehouse and manufacturing layouts and specify specialised building requirements including ventilation and other solvent related issues.

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As joint clients' representative, we monitored those aspects of construction specifically impacting on warehousing and manufacturing issues.

Finally we acted as Project Manager for the client's works including specification, tendering, procurement, installation and commissioning of new equipment and services as well as relocation of the existing manufacturing and warehousing activities to the new site. During the initial months of operation on the new site we provided on-going technical support to the client.

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