Richard Hall & Associates


Richard Hall & Associates Pty Ltd provides professional engineering services to organisations primarily involved in manufacturing and warehousing.

Principal areas of expertise and experience include Project Management, Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods, Regulatory Compliance, Planning of Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilites and Improvement of Existing Manufacturing Operations to achieve increased efficiencies.

Assignments undertaken range in size from advice regarding means of overcoming small OHS issues to managing the planning and establishment of new manufacturing or storage facilities on a green field site.

Clients are generally small and medium sized organisations who value the use of external expertise to supplement their own specialised skills and capabilities which are generally specific to their own business activities.

With a network of proven specialist associates, Richard Hall & Associates are able to successfully undertake assignments involving a range of skills across a wide variety of industries.

Client's using Richard Hall & Associates are able to focus their resources on their own business rather than on support activities.

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